Airplane Mode: Paris

Airplane Mode: Paris

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Guys and Gals,
Magical isn’t necessarily a word I tend to use often. I feel like it’s a word reserved for fairy tales. But when it comes to Paris, magical is the only word that can come close to capturing the allure of the city. And when you put 9 of my best friends in a 1 bedroom Airbnb and account for our propensity towards copious amounts of pastis* you get yourself quite a debaucherous fairy tale. If I were to recap every noteworthy thing that occurred over the last 5 days this post would be absurdly long and no one wants to hear me talk about myself for 1,000 words;so, I’ll just hit you with the major highlights. 

Day 1: 

Crushed some espresso to eliminate the drowsiness caused by our melatonin-fueled bus ride from Bordeaux. Walked by the louvre (def didn’t go inside). Took a nap aka scrolled through our various social media platforms. Drank dinner on the ledge overlooking our street. Walked 45 minutes for drunk crepes. Waited for the metro to open up, met a highly intoxicated homeless man with a pet rat. Stumbled home. 
Day 2: 

Espresso and Croque Madame for breakfast. The best falafel in the world for lunch. Stared at some shoes at NikeLab in le Marais. Fawned over some women on the Champs des elysses. Purchased some road sodas and headed to a bar to watch France beat Germany in the European Championship semifinal. Attended the after party (read: riot) on the Champs des elysses. Came home smelling like safety flares and cigarette smoke. 

Day 3:

Double Espresso for breakfast. Ditched my friends and went on a solo retail mission. Hit supreme, AMI, APC, and Colette. Made best friends with the incredibly fresh store manager at Han Kjobenhavn and proceeded to spend more money on a shirt-jacket thing than I did on my share of the AirBNB. Reunited with my crew to drink pastis on the ledge outside our apartment window. Ate a gluttonous amount of steak-frites. Hit some local bars and FOUND A REAL IPA (for 9 euros). Revisited our late-night crepe spot

Day 4:

A much-need double espresso for breakfast. Chilled in the Tuileries with a couple baguettes and some cheese. Fell in love with a girl reading a book by a fountain. Pussied out, returned to my comfort zone and peer pressured my friend into a 75 euro tee-shirt (could get like 4 RP tee’s for that btw). Went on a lengthy night walk along the seine to soak in the city’s beauty and catch some Pokemon. Travis fell in the river trying to talk to a girl. I only took a picture of my feet. 

Day 5:

Assessed the water damage on Travis’s Ultraboosts. Espresso. Ate another falafel. Hopped on the metro to go to THE EUROPEAN CUP FINAL**. Watched Cristiano Ronaldo cry in person, which was a highlight. Then personally shed a couple tears after France lost. We then drank away our sorrows underneath the Eiffel Tower like a bunch of basic heartbroken tourists. 

Currently: On the TGV headed to the south of France to spend Bastille Day with my cousins. Holla at a free place to stay (praying hands emoji). 

Talk Soon,

Jake, The Intern
*We discovered Pastis, which is a black liquorice-y  type of alcohol specific to the south of France, in Bordeaux and we havn’t stopped drinking it. The classic preparation involves mixing the Pastis with ice and water, so you are getting hydrated while getting intoxicated. Genius. 
**For you non-soccer fans, the European Cup is the second biggest tournament in the world behind the World Cup. So, yeah, going to the final is tantamount to going to game 7 of the World Series or the NBA finals if they only happened every four years. Shout out to our buddy’s mom for the incredibly generous grad gift.