Airplane Mode: Southern France, Northern Italy

Airplane Mode: Southern France, Northern Italy

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Guys and Gals,

It’s that time again–time for me to tell you about my European wanderings in hopes of unearthing your deepest levels of envy and jealousy. 

Since we last spoke, many dope events have transpired. After Paris, I hopped on the TGV with one of my buddies and headed south to meet up with my cousins. My cousin, Paul, picked us up at the train station and immediately whisked us away to some v private, v local, beach/ cliff/ swimming spot called ‘les calanques’. We proceeded to jump off the rocks into the Mediterranean, swam through a grotto, hiked back up to our perch, sipped a beer, and jumped in again. This cycle continued for the next couple hours. I slept a much-needed 14 hours that night. 

After a couple days of chilling at my Aunt’s house in the smallest French village you’ve never heard of, we hopped in the car and headed up to the mountains to meet up with my other cousin, Amelie, and celebrate Bastille day. Fat Joe’s “All The Way Up” was played on repeat. Amelie lives in a little village called Serre Sestriere famous for its ski resort, which is a pretty irrelevant fact because I spent the next 48 hours eating pain au chocolats, walking her friend’s English bulldog, jacky (read with a French accent) along the river, sipping pastis at the local bar, and eating cured meats. We lit off fireworks on the last night and got reprimanded in French. So worth it. 

After saying ‘Au Revoir’ to my cousins, we hopped on the train to meet up with the rest of our crew in La Spezia aka the cheapest town close to Cinque Terre. I slept on the floor with my tech fleece bomber as a pillow. The next morning we hiked the trail at Cinque Terre, which produced profanity-filled awe at every turn. Seriously, shit was breathtaking. We rewarded our efforts with some mojitos. Next stop: Florence. 

We spent 5 days in Florence. We ate at the same pizza spot 6 times. The majority of the rest of the trip was spent on the ledge outside our perfectly located apartment. From our little perch Florence pretty much came to us. Directly across the river we could see the Duomo and the bell tower and a slight turn to the left allowed us to watch the sun melt into Ponte Vechio. Also, apparently girls love intoxicated American boys who sit on windowsills. It’s probably because our RP socks paired so well with the off-white facade of our building. 

After our incredibly stressful stint in Florence, we were in dire need of some R&R. So, we decided to get coastal, which was more difficult than anticipated. In Napoli, our connecting city en route to the Amalfi Coast, we had to battle a canceled train, the bus ticket office, which was actually a convenience store, a political protest, and a 3 mile walk to our Air BNB, but we made it. And let me tell you, it was more than worth it.
It’s currently 1 in the afternoon (13:00 for my huge European fan base) here at the southern tip of Italy. The sun is shining, the espresso is flowing ( I woke up 45 mins ago), my friends are preparing a little caprese situation in the kitchen, Anderson .Paak is playing in the background, and here I am, slightly reclined on our terrace staring out into the glistening abyss of the Mediterranean. The only thing obstructing my view is our collection of gratis RP socks drying on the laundry line. Life could def be worse. 

Next time we speak , I’ll probably be in Greece or maybe Croatia. Who knows.

Talk Soon,
Jake, The Intern