All White, Done Right

All White, Done Right

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Hey I’m Claire (the new girl) and I’m here to cover all things fashion. Whether it’s the most classic of vintage pieces or the trendiest thing hot off the runway doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s fresh, you can find it here.  


I remember my mom reminding me of the fashion faux pas, “never wear white before memorial day.”  Yet, even though I like to consider myself an occasional rule breakers and pretty much every fashion rule ever has been broken since Gaga’s meat dress in 2010, I  still feel a shiver of uneasiness when contemplating wearing a white dress before Memorial Day. Although I want to be fearless in the face of fashion, this fashion faux pas continues to haunt me with feelings of doubt. And guess what, that is ok. Not every fashion faux pas is meant to be broken and this one may remain sacred.


But just because I choose to follow this rule doesn’t mean I can’t make my obedience look undeniably fresh.


This year I am all about white….head to toe (with a couple key accessories).

To kick off the season, I debuted my summer wardrobe with an all white outfit that had an accent of blue and the smallest touch of red. I really love the pairing of the white shirt and white denim shorts. Although white may be a very neutral color, the pairing of the top and bottom is a bold styling choice. Adding the ascot scarf keeps the outfit interesting–I am still trying to figure out if ascots are masculine or feminine. I am settling with gender neutral. Either way, they are absolutely adorable. I also love the blue and white color combination; it reads incredibly lightweight and fresh. To keep it classic, I paired my grey helena’s with my white Levi high tops, pivoting the outfit to be a bit more casual and athletic. And to top it off, a pair of aviators, an absolute must for the summer sun (yes, we do get some sun in Pittsburgh).



This summer is all about bold, effortless outfits that don’t sacrifice comfort. Although I love sandals and barefoot days, I am not ready to part with my RP socks just yet. Never let the warm weather come in between you and your coolest pair of socks.

Until next time,

Xo, the new girl