Aloha from Hank

Aloha from Hank

Posted by Carlee Benito on

*AIR HORNS* Your boy is officially a #blogger on the #Internet.

 Hello everyone, my name is Hank. I’m new to this blog life, but I think I can get jiggy with it. I’m funny (trust me) and interesting (trust me) so like, this should be a fun time. You see, I’ve known Jake the Intern for quite a while. I’m talkin’ pre-intern Jake. 95 pounds with braces Jake riding shotgun to cross country practice. Look at him now, though! He’s graduated from college and I’m feeling like Steve Buscemi in 30 Rock.


Jake has been draping your boy in RP socks for a minute, and honestly it’s enhanced my style in a very positive way (plus, free socks!). For the past few years, I have resided in Seattle, Washington, where our clothing and personalities match the weather: dark and brooding. That changed recently when I decided to move to Virginia to go to grad school (like an IDIOT) but we can get to that at a later time. Generally, my aesthetic is Gothed-Out- Cool-Dad, but now with some strategic sock selection I can level up to Gothed-Out- Cool-Dad- On-Vacation, which is very exciting to me.

This actually all started last month when Jake, my girlfriend Maddy, and I were getting brunch in Los Angeles. And by getting brunch, I mean we were drinking beers before noon and side-eyeing tourists in Big Dog shirts or whatever. Here’s pretty much how the conversation went down:

J: So, I’m going to Europe for the summer and RP needs a new style blogger. You’re so cool and hip and I look up to you so much. Hank, would you do me a solid and blog in my place?

H: Why yes, Jake. I would love to.

J+H: IT’S LIT LMAO *fire emojis*

Jake may have surpassed me in the #fashion world (don’t tell him that), but your boy is a grown ass adult with like, a job, and bills and stuff. I’m no longer the bright-eyed, carefree undergraduate student I once was. Homeboy has to eat! Literally though, not in like the cool rap way. Once Jake’s done gallivanting around Europe this summer, he too will learn how trash post-college life really is. Why do you think I’m going back to school? HOWEVER, in the mean time, he gets to have an amazing trip and I get to talk to the Internet about my feelings on fashion and style, so strap in and let’s do this thing.

Here are a few things about myself so we can get acquainted.

I love fried chicken and rap music.

I hate shorts and reintroducing myself to people I KNOW remember meeting me (never be too cool to say what’s up to someone).

What I’m most excited for this summer: Sremmlife 2 and if/when Frank Ocean’s album comes out.

Aloha, which also means goodbye.