Back to Basics

Hey I’m Claire (the new girl) and I’m here to cover all things fashion. Whether it’s the most classic of vintage pieces or the trendiest thing hot off the runway doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s fresh, you can find it here.


At the beginning of each summer, I always envision myself wearing cute skirts and dresses to Trader Joe’s or my new wedges while shopping. In reality, I just throw on my comfy pair of jean shorts and high school homecoming shirt circa 2013. Although I feel comfortable, I feel slightly grungy instead of all-naturally cute. This summer I’ve been trying to move away from my worn out t-shirts and shorts and towards outfits that are equally comfortable but also refreshing.

So the other day, Eva and I hung out on East Carson Street for the afternoon. I decided to go back to the basics with my outfit; a pair of ripped shorts, a white RP pocket tee, my fave black booties, and patterned RP socks. Eva wore her black high waisted denim, white RP muscle tank, velvet choker, and adidas sneaks paired with some white Helenas … so I obviously had to photograph her.

I really love the tank and choker combo… it’s a modern twist on 90’s fashion royalty. If you want to stay basic but not boring, throw on a delicate choker for an edgy touch.

It doesn’t take much to feel extra fresh. You don’t need to wear crazy pieces to feel fashion forward. Stick to who you are and if you are feeling extra adventurous, add an accessory or two. Of course experimenting with clothing can be super cool, but staying with the basics can just what you need for a burst of style revival.

I am so excited about RP’s Women’s tee line. The tees and tanks are a great solution to feeling comfortable and fresh while grocery shopping or spending the day outside.


Let’s go back to the basics.

Xo, the new girl


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