Be Street Bootleg B(art) Show

Be Street Bootleg B(art) Show

Posted by Carlee Benito on

I have always said the only tattoo I would ever get on my porcelain jewish skin was a Simpsons one. I grew up religiously watching the show with my brothers and still catch reruns on Fxx regularly. I even dropped $100 bones to journey to Springfield and visit the Quik-E-Mart at Universal Studios earlier this summer. When my friend Kim invited me to the Bootleg Bart show downtown it was a no brainer. Although I missed a surprise appearance by the one and only Matt Groening I was able to chow down on frosted pink donuts and pound a few (not Duff) beers. Here are a couple of photos & a bit more info courtesy of BeStreet who put on the show.


From BeStreet: After 26 seasons and a feature length film, the success of the Simpsons doesn’t need to be proved. This show is a true television monument. When you have such an influence on popular imagery, everything is possible, and that is what happened in the ‘90s with the Bootleg Bart phenomenon. Artists would take their spin on the character to include him in some weird, trashy or political situations (sometimes all three at once). For our first group show, we decided to revive this little known unofficial part of Bart’s story by inviting over 70 international artists to produce some new and exclusive pieces (Aaron Kai, Buff Monster, Yuka Chocomoo, Marco Zamora, Greg Mike, Jimbo Phillips, Johnny Crap, Jacob Ovgren, McBess, Sean Morris, Yaia and many more). The experience will be exceptional with interactive and original scenes for the perfect immersion in this underground and subversive Springfield.


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