BREAKING: A Change in Relationship Status

BREAKING: A Change in Relationship Status

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Guys and Girls,

Today has been a pretty weird day.

Two months ago I was writing to let everyone know I had moved in with my favorite sock company. Today I am writing to let everyone know our relationship status has changed…

We are going long distance.


Now, this change in status doesn’t mean our living together was a failure. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It was fucking awesome–something I will never forget. It’s just I have to go back to this thing college where I don’t get paid to online shop and model socks. But don’t you fret; I’m not leaving you guys forever.

I will continue writing for the blog while I’m at college, providing you guys with commentary on the life of a fashion-affected, financially deficient college student—aka me. Damn, that sounds like a pretty egocentric blog column. Maybe I’ll write about some other stuff too. Who knows? I promise it will be dope, though.

Talk Soon,

Jake, The Intern