Canada chill-out featuring Lindsay Perry.
“When you mention the word ‘Newfoundland’ to most people, you’ll instantaneously see them turn their head like they just heard you speak a foreign language…
It isn’t a place that people generally venture to or even really think about existing.
But for me, it holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve been there more than a handful of times, my first being summer of 2008.
If I could sum my thoughts up for it in three words, they’d be ‘humble, hospitable and beautiful.’
With an oddly thick Irish culture, you almost feel like you may be in Ireland or some really strange place you could only conjure up in a creative writing class. The lure of this place for me is that it gives you the feeling of being like a modern day explorer…as if you may be the only person to have discovered it.
That may be hardly the case, but the feeling is nostalgic. Here are a few photos of what photographer/friend Gunner Hughes and I were up to.”


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