Cold Brew to Get You Thru

Cold Brew to Get You Thru

Posted by Carlee Benito on

When exploring a city, the best way to get a sense of character is by hanging out in a local coffee shop. I came upon Two Guns while taking a break from work one day. Along with style blogging Outlined Cloth, I  also produce reality TV. Working on Spike’s Bar Rescue, I needed a coffee pick me up and I spotted the iconic sign from the street as I was cruising down Pacific Coast Highway.


How about a cup of Joe? Don’t mind if I do. I discovered this gem a couple years ago and my love for Two Guns has continued to brew (pun definitely intended). Its warm, inviting exterior drew me in.

IMG_1188-1Greeted by their signature poster, a gun pointing right at you as you contemplate your choices, looks like something right out of a Tarantino film. The big decision in here is which coffee to get. Cooling down is key in sunny Manhattan Beach, California so the choice is easy – make it a cold one.


No better way to get that caffeine fix than with The Two Guns Cold Brew. This northern Italian style blend of iced coffee does just that. I add 2 splashes of vanilla syrup to sweeten the deal and I am good to go.


Now coffee for me has become routine, just like putting on socks. Taking a break from a busy day to sip on a coffee is one of the most refreshing things in life. It helps me clear my head to be more creative for the rest of the day.


So next time you find yourself in a new city or need a break, stumble into a local coffee shop. Seeing the community in their natural environment mixed with the relaxation that a coffee shop brings, is a to-do list must.