Decluttering: A 5-Step Process

Decluttering: A 5-Step Process

Posted by Carlee Benito on

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Decluttering is proven to make you a better human- it is science people. Buy less junk and only have things that you love or are beautiful. It is part of the RP Reboot 2015 process and will feel so good. Here is how you get there:

1. Throw Away Stuff You Don’t Use: You can kiss your DVD player goodbye. Netflix has made it basically obsolete. Sell old DVDs for beer money.

2. Throw Away Stuff That Is Broken: Books that are missing pages, blenders that don’t blend anymore- toss ‘em. Accept you’re not going to repair them and that they need to go.

3. Throw Away Duplicates: How many medium size sauce pans do you need in your kitchen? The answer is one. Donate the rest. Same goes for hairdryers, hammers, and other things that tend to pile up.

4. Throw Away Things You Don’t Like: Girlfriend’s grandmother’s ugly scarf from three Christmases ago will make someone at the Goodwill very happy. Grandma would have wanted it that way.

5. Throw Away Junk: What do Playboy Magazines from two years ago & old Ethernet cords have in common? Two things: they are likely taking up space in your house and you will probably never use them again. Get rid of them.

Do you see a pattern here? Get going. And show us your progress! Post photos on Instagram with hashtag #Reboot2015 & tag us @richerpoorer