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We recently ventured up to the Pacific Northwest for a couple of few days, to shoot our newest Tee campaign with our dear buds Jill & Kyla. Portland has this magical charm about it, that which makes you completely ignore the fact that you are battling chilly temps, and almost non-stop rain. Yes, there is some of that Portlandia goofiness – an unnamed bar that featured free range beer – but there is also a distinct focus on maker culture that is irresistibly enchanting.

I rounded up a couple of highlights from my trip for your next jaunt up to PDX. & Oh, and most importantly: don’t forget to take a selfie on that infamous green carpet.


EAT: A bunch of Portland’s best, most iconic spots have been recently been imported to LA, so I will skip the obvious Pok Pok, Salt & Straw, Blue Star Donuts… But speaking of donuts after a long day of shooting I cannot completely absolutely recommend the mini homemade donuts from Pips. Yes, people will tell you to go wait in line at VooDoo, but I promise that Pips will satisfy your craving for something off the beaten path. They are famous for their honey sea salt flavored donut, but the dirty wu (which is a Nutella lovers dream) is a close second. Best part- they have fancy pants Chai Lattes to wash these heavenly mini sweets down with. I got a coconut milk ginger spiced concoction that I drank way too fast because it was so freaking good.


DRINK: Liberty Glass: An outdoor patio with a fireplace to keep warm? Sign me up. Take shelter from the rain here and sip on their Hot Toddies to stay warm, they are the perfect balance of boozy and tart. Also, its dog friendly so you can bring your favorite furry friend along. Bonus: They serve a delightful creation called Triscuit Nachos which is exactly what it sounds like. Ask for extra jalapeños.

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STAY: AirBnB! In a city like Portland with such a focus on design and craftsmanship, I cannot stress the benefits of staying at an AirBnB enough. Specifically this one. A quiet respite just outside the busy downtown area, this home was a 5 minute uber everywhere. AND I SLEPT IN A WALL. It was the coolest thing ever. Go stay there. Trust me.

Work: If you are in Portland for biz purposes I suggest inquiring about booking time at the local WeWork space. Originally a customs building for imports rolling through town by covered wagon, the historic building has now been transformed into a hip co-working space. Did I mention there’s free beer on tap?

If you have time (and are feeling adventurous) consider heading outside the city to the snow or the sea. There is a reason there are so many amazing instagrammers from the PNW, right? TOTAL. NATURE. PORN. Not that you needed anymore reasons to head there soon anyway!