Food Spotlight: The Piehole

Food Spotlight: The Piehole

Posted by Carlee Benito on

I generally eat a pretty healthy diet. I love veggies and drink lots of water. The one place that I make a VERY SERIOUS exception for is The Piehole in Downtown LA. Aside from having the best coffee on earth (in my humble opinion) their sweet and savory pies are like nothing else I have ever experienced. The team was kind enough to test out mini-savory pies for our Poketo launch event and more recently I discovered they make BREAKFAST PIES. #gamechanger.

The Pie Hole is a family run organization hatched out of the dreams of a mother and son, Becky Grasley and Matthew Heffner who long dreamed of opening a place where they can share their family secret: pie is love. They roped Sean Brennan in to be their business partner and literally tied Matty’s fiance Lindsay Hollister to the cash register and set out to leverage every favor and free hand to build what is now The Pie Hole (thanks friends!). Matty and Becky hold the largest pie recipe book you have ever laid eyes on, and is in a safety deposit box in Switzerland. Matty learned pie as a youngster and part of the family tradition but is a tradesman at heart: there is nothing he can’t build from scratch. He is a science fiction nerd, just ask to see his newest ink. Sean is lactose intolerant and likes pie partly because it isn’t a cupcake but mostly because it has an authentic story and is what he calls ‘real food’. Sean has been in the service industry for over a hundred years as a bar tender, wine director, consultant, and general manager, and is passionate about food, fine wine, hip hop, and the world champion Green Bay Packers.

The process of opening an LA’s first authentic pie shop was a daunting one, with thousands of hours of building, testing pie, tasting coffee, and bringing together an amazing team to provide the greatest possible pie experience known to man.


The best part about The Piehole? They are fun, don’t take themselves too seriously (the pie and coffee is very serious), and love to have a chat with their our customers, who inevitably become regulars. Next time you find yourself in DTLA check them out.


714 Traction Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 537-0115