Head North

Head North

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Hello I’m Devin from Outlined Cloth, I’ve been a Richer Poorer supporter for over two years and I’m here to outline my faves in fashion, food, and travel. (Caution: Expect large doses of coffee.)

Last time, I shared my fave coffee spot in the OC and today I’m sharing my favorite men’s shop, North Menswear in Laguna Beach.


On a fall day, a few years ago my fiance and I walked into North Menswear to check out the shop. We were new to the fashion blog game and Outlined Cloth was in its infancy. I was in need of some raw denim, but my athletic thighs had limited my choices up until this point. Luckily, shop owner Pete came to the rescue. One pair of jeans and many visits later, this has become my home away from home.


North Menswear is a well curated shop that focuses on quality made goods. Pete’s attention to detail not only shows in his careful selection of brands, but also in his meticulous layout of the store. Raw denim, chinos, and button-ups that all have an Americana feel. Mixed in are a few vintage pieces, family photos, military relics, and some good old fashioned craftsmanship and handy work. This is a true American made shop. I love the feel of the place. It’s nostalgic with a new vibe, something that we have lost in fast fashion and the big box stores. So it’s great to see a shop like North Menswear stand strong and be a force within the community.



In every corner of the shop, there is something to catch your eye. From men’s soap, to raw denim, button ups to shorts, leather goods to sunglasses, North has you covered. But this place is more than just a pop in, try on and buy. It’s an experience and place to congregate. Pull up a chair, grab a beer, relax, and hang out.


My beautiful fiancé, Marlene Martinez, sporting a vintage GI short sleeve shirt. Even the ladies can snag something for themselves when in the shop.


So next time you find yourself cruising or surfing in Laguna, be sure to head North.