Hello Hypebeast…

Hello Hypebeast…

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Sneaker culture, streetwear, art, music, books, gadgets, everyday carry, fast-fashion, runway looks and plenty of in-between as well as an overload of “what’s Kanye doing now” chatter, Hypebeast is the original go-to news source for the internet-dependent fashion and culture mongers. Enthusiasts, tastemakers, retailers, influencers, competitors and those dubbed as ‘hypebeasts’ themselves can be seen regularly logging onto the site to be educated, inspired and sometimes annoyed but always coming back for more.


I’ll be the first to admit that it is a bookmark that gets a click from me day in and day out. I’ve been reading it since it first launched and it’s easy for me to get lost on rabbit trails of shoes, denim and the hilarious comments that some of these scoffing new-school know-it-all ‘fashion heads’ decide to leave for the world to chuckle at. (…some of these over the top guys take their outfits of the day way too seriously.)

Besides their main news feed, HB utilizes its online video presence to add another dimension to bring stories to their fan base in the stylized way they are known for along with their online store that features a range of brands that vary from small independents to well-respected mass-accepted lines from around the world.

Richer Poorer is excited to have partnered up with Hypebeast recently to be able to offer key styles from our sock collection on their online store. We are very proud to be working with this well-respected industry hub of cool. We as a brand aim to work with the best retailers in the world big and small. From our growing contemporary collection for men and women, our fast-rising action sports/athletics range to our witty and whimsical kids socks, the future of Richer Poorer is a wide open road with the gas pedal pinned to the floorboard. We are seeing our loyal fan base coming back time and time again for more while the growing number of eyeballs from new avenues are scoping out the brand everyday.

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Head to Hypebeast.com for the new-new and feel free to scoop up a few pairs of RP socks from their well-curated online shop while you’re there. And if you happen to find out before I do, fill me in on who’s speech Mr. West decides to interrupt this time around with one of his emphatic proclamations of how great he is…





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(All images by Hypebeast)