Honest Hustle in Colombia

Honest Hustle in Colombia

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We have recently returned from Colombia. Why Colombia? What does that have to do with Richer Poorer? Those are excellent questions. We felt there was no better way to explain our mission than a note directly from co-founder, Iva Pawling. Here, in her own words, we scratch the surface of the honest hustle and why Medellin, Colombia.

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Hello RP Friends and Family,

My co-conspirator, Tim and I started Richer Poorer five years ago with little more than an idea, a few dollars, the drive to hustle and a mountain of inspiration. A humble beginning it was, and a great story it has become.

We call it the Honest Hustle, and the hustle of those that inspire us are the stories we now want to tell. We believe in chasing dreams, following instincts and working so very damn hard that achievement is the only outcome.

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After stumbling upon Katalina and the amazing-ness that was El Camino Travel, I was inspired to try a different approach to telling our brand story. To plan an incredible trip, to pick the perfect characters, and simply see what unfolds.

We invited the most extraordinary people because they do something that they love – they’re a maker, a do-er, an honest hustler. We found their equals in Medellin, and can’t wait to see what comes of the story sessions when they all collide. We want Richer Poorer to be an amplifier of the messages, the knowledge, and the encouragement, which will come from these chance encounters.

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Because if we can instill the courage in the next group of hustlers to find their own path and forge down it with mostly certainty, a little bit of doubt, and a whole lot of honesty – we’ve done our job.

Colombia, here we come!

All the best,


See photos from the trip on the hashtag #ELCAMINOxRP & the RP instagram