Humble Beginnings Make For Great Stories.

Humble Beginnings Make For Great Stories.

Posted by Carlee Benito on


We started Richer Poorer three years ago with the simple idea of building a brand around a once neglected necessity, the sock. As anyone who has experienced the first years of a startup will tell you, it’s full of ups, downs, and experiences that not only shape the brand, but the people behind it.

Our brand is a sum of its parts. Tim and I own & run RP. In the simplest description, he is the idea guy, I figure out how to get that idea to the world. But we were only an idea, a name, a concept, when we found Joe, who has been our creative and brand man since the start. We of course have added some invaluable people to the team since, however it is our three, very different filters, that everything we create is put through before it makes its way into the world.

Our goal is to establish a greater connection with our friends and customers through our own personal stories. Our blog will provide an unfiltered view into Richer Poorer and what inspires us each and everyday. We hope you enjoy.