I’m Dating My Sock Drawer

I’m Dating My Sock Drawer

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Hey there. My name is Jake and I am currently in a very serious, long-term relationship. This relationship is not an intimate one, but rather a sartorial one. My boo thing? Richer Poorer.

RP and I have been on and off for quite a while, but we recently took a huge step in our relationship.

We moved in together.

Are you lost yet? I thought so. Let me explain from the beginning.

Jake1It was my 17th birthday when my super hip aunt gifted me two pairs of RP’s, which she carried in her boutique. For the next couple months, RP and I dabbled a bit. We didn’t see each other often, but when we did; I really enjoyed her company. In retrospect, this humble beginning was the start of a great story.

Everything changed Christmas morning of 2011 because Santa brought me a brand new batch of RP. The polka dots of the Stargazer and the stripes of the Walk-On spoke to me in some type of way—there was something honest about these socks.

We have been attached at the ankle ever since.


In the fall of 2012, I went to college. I must admit my soccer-team-issue socks began to pull RP and I apart. In order to make up for my neglect, I wrote RP a letter.

In this letter I professed my admiration for her mix of timeless patterns and well-curated quirk. And then I asked her if we could move in together.

She said yes!

Now here I am, writing to you from my very own desk at Richer Poorer HQ. So yes—for lack of a better term—I have actually moved in with my favorite sock company, whom I’ve been ‘dating’ for the last 4 years.

I’m really stoked to bring you guys some sock-centric soliloquies in the coming months.


Jake, The Intern

P.S. Our underwear is really rad also.