Introducing the Ankle Sock with Michael Saiger

Introducing the Ankle Sock with Michael Saiger

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Summer’s around the corner. Just because the days are getting warmer doesn’t mean you have to toss your socks to the back of your drawer.

This summer we’re introducing the new Richer Poorer ankle. The trends of the season offer smart shorts, tailored shirts, casual jackets, loafers, and of course, low top sneakers.

The idea for the ankle was planted by our friend, Michael Saiger, Creative Director and Founder of Miansai, one of the best accessories brands around.

We met up with Michael at a tradeshow where he proudly showed us his Richer Poorer socks. The difference? He had pulled his socks down and folded the toe over so they hit right above his ankle. Perfect to wear with his Converse all Summer long. Thus, the idea was born.

RP: What do you do?

MS: I’m the Founder + Creative Director of MIANSAI, a Miami based watch, jewelry and accessories company.

RP: What are your design inspirations?

MS: MIANSAI isn’t really a trend-focused brand. All our designs are classic and timeless (or so I’d like to think, hah), so while I’m inspired by lots of things I come across in my day-to-day life, travels, etc. there’s always a consistency to what we put out. The brand definitely consists of nautical and utilitarian undertones (a lot of our cuffs <> were inspired by rigging equipment). It’s classic, but with a modern edge.

RP: How would you describe your style?
MS: I’m a pretty simple guy when it comes to my wardrobe. I like classic and timeless items that look good, but don’t make me think too much about what I’m putting on in the morning. And being from NY but living in Miami, I guess you could describe it as city meets the beach.

RP:One piece of clothing you can’t live without?
MS: A vintage military jacket from Vietnam that my dad gave me.

RP:Favorite pair of shoes for the summer?
MS: White sneakers are a go-to of mine year round; I usually wear Converse.

RP: Which pair of ankles are your favorite?
MS: The Veteran black
Mens Black Ankle Sock with Stripes from Richer Poorer Socks

RP: How does Miami influence your style?

MS: Aside from the fact that I don’t wear true winter clothing down here, it doesn’t really change it much at all.

Michael’s focus on simplicity, timeless appeal and basics strikes a chord with us. Richer Poorer designs are created to stand the test of time and last past current trends. Thanks for the inspiration, Michael.


Richer Poorer Mens Ankle Socks Interview Michael Saiger