Jake’s College Essentials

Jake’s College Essentials

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Summer is fading quickly, which can only mean one thing for a 21 year-old dude like myself; it’s time to get academic. Whether I like it or not, my last first day of school ever is imminent. Here are my essentials for navigating the social, the scholastic, and everything in between.



Nespresso Pods- My daily caffeine routine is just another part of my concerted effort to elevate myself above your basic, sperry-wearing, keurig bro.

Ramen- Does it ever dazzle? No, but it never disappoints. And in college, that’s all you really need. Plus, who doesn’t love a nice overdose of msg?

Cholula- Takes my cooking from passable to above average. What more could I ask for?

Beats Headphones- The perfect repellent to all awkward on-campus social interactions.

Emergen-C- Soccer, school, and finally being of legal age to purchase alcohol really takes its toll on my immune system. Shout out to vitamin-c for keeping me on my feet.

Advil- Did I mention I’m 21?

Febreze- This is the most clutch item in a house full of gross college soccer players, especially on that one day a year when a group of girls actually decides to come over.


Thanks for reading. Talk soon.


Jake, The Intern