Jake’s Take on A/W ’15

Hey Guys and Gals,

I’m back! So, our Autumn/Winter 2015 (“A/W ‘15” for those looking for some syllable efficiency) collection dropped this week and needless to say; it’s very fresh. The moment I laid eyes on the box of samples I started dreaming up a way to get as many pairs on my feet as possible before the general population. I’m always trying to make myself feel like an #influencer, ya know. But don’t you worry, I’m not a selfish wannabe #influencer. I like to keep our relationship mutually beneficial. So now, I present to you my four favorite socks from the A/W ’15 collection with some nifty styling tips to help you all not look ridiculous. Don’t say I never did anything for you, ok!?


Herald Blue

What’s better than subtle polka dots? I’ll tell you—REALLY BIG polka dots (I’ll refrain from a ‘size matters’ joke). Now, it’s key not to go too turbo with the rest of your outfit in order to avoid any sort of Nick Cannon comparison. That being said, don’t be a total bore with your color choices either. This sock deserves a colorful companion—which I have provided in the form of a very dope coaches jacket.



Jake, more polka dots? Yes, readership. I like polka dots! Deal with it. These socks are for those days when I’m feeling indecisive about my clothing choices. When I’m not sure if I want to go bold or go subtle I throw these on. Why, you might ask? Because they have TWO types of polka dots, duh. Oh, my genius styling tip for these: wear black and white because no one ever in the history of clothes has said ‘hey, black and white looks really bad on you.’


Troubadour- Brown & Green:

Here I go with the black and white theme again. FALSE. My pants are more of an ecru with some speckling, thank you very much. Anyways, these socks are fresh because they lack any sort of pattern, making them easy to rock with any outfit. So I can’t say I have a groundbreaking styling tip for these. Not like you would listen to me anyways.




Sometimes I pretend like I’m Jared Leto and wrap superfluous garments around my body for aesthetic appeal—which is what I did here. I’m really digging the twisted yarn used on these socks. It really mellows the stripes, which I’m super down for. Sometimes our creative director, Chad, tells me to mellow out. Maybe, in order to appease him, I should just wear more socks made from twisted yarn. Everybody loves a good compromise.


That’s all for now.


Jake, The Intern






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