Kahana Kalama and his tribe take on Indo…

Kahana Kalama and his tribe take on Indo…

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Surfer/family-man/entrepreneur/recent addition to our RP Athletics Club/and East side of Oahu-born-and-raised Kahana Kalama of Aloha Beach Club recently had the opportunity to take his beautiful family on a trip to Bali to relax and explore the breathtaking scene…

Of course, our socks (and Kahana’s go-to boxer briefs) for the 4 of them made for perfect travel essentials.

So go ahead and be jealous of the following picture set as he recounts this vibey getaway…


“The last time I went to Indonesia, I was a 23-year-old WQS warrior on location for a Fuel TV show.  We traveled the country for 7 weeks with one real objective… surf really good waves.  A decade and two kids later, I think it’s safe to say that my life has changed a little since that last trip.  In any case, I’ve been eager to get back there to recharge, catch a few waves and enjoy time exploring the island with my family.

This was the first trip to Indonesia for my wife and two kids (ages 2 and 1).  We spent a few weeks bouncing between the uplands of Ubud, the hip streets of Seminyak and the pristine Bukit peninsula.

The island in general has changed a lot since the last time I was there… and in addition to the rad Bali architecture I was super impressed and inspired by all of the well designed retail and really good food.

Highlights from the trip include our stay at the Uluwatu Surf Villas Situated on the Uluwatu Bluff and equipped with a private staircase down the cliff to Temples, one of my favorite lefts in Bali, I was able to surf my brains out while my wife and kids spent the day lounging and swimming in our villa’s private pool.

In all, the trip was a success, the waves were fun, the kids were troopers and I’m already scheming up a plan to get back.”




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