Landmark : Long Beach’s Giant Donut

Landmark : Long Beach’s Giant Donut

Posted by Carlee Benito on


Hello Folks it’s Joe T, the Creative Director at RP and something very cool just happened in my neighborhood.

Long Beach has a new / old Landmark in the shape of a very large sprinkle donut. For many Long Beach residents, like myself, driving to and from work, the 7th St. / PCH Corridor has always been forgettable. The only thing barely memorable has been the giant pink donut slowly fading away in the California sun.

This past February plans were made for a Dunkin Donuts to move into the space below the beloved morning treat. This development would result in the demolition of this iconic symbol and a loss to the Long Beach’s retro heart. The community was outraged and the “Save The Giant Donut” campaign was born. Overnight there was a Facebook page created with thousands of locals joining together and press coverage spanning across Southern California. The Long Beachians made such a ruckus that they managed to work their way to the city planners and save the giant donut. Within weeks it was mandated for DD to implement the standing donut into their forthcoming store design.

Yes, the donut was taken down, but only for a brief paint job and revitalization of its inner Donut soul. A day before the grand opening the donut was put back up in all its new painted glory. This seems like one of those David and Goliath moments where you can’t help but root for the little guy and personally, I couldn’t be more proud of our community keeping up the history with the new stuff.



Photography by Joe Tornatzky