Meet KC, our newest Tee model

Meet KC, our newest Tee model

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When we looked at shooting new tees we had some pretty simple qualifications. Is our model an honest hustler and does he have a passion for his craft. Our friend KC checked these boxes 100 times over. We had the most epic day shooting and are thrilled to have KC wearing a tee that is made for someone who spends their time doing what they love. Get to know KC in his own words…OWA-11

My Name is KC Badger and I live in Portland Oregon, by way of Phoenix Arizona. I grew up riding dirt bikes, and/ or flyfishing pretty much every weekend with my father as a child. Doing those things growing led to my decisions for careers in my adulthood. I rode BMX bikes professionally for almost 10 years, and as luck would have it as that was dwindling down, I picked up the flyrod again and lucked my way into being a brand ambassador for one of the larger flyfishing brands in the industry: Redington.


I was lucky enough to travel the world riding bikes, Asia, New Zealand/ Australia, and this gave me a sense of adventure that I have been lucky to be able to keep living through flyfishing. Since then I travelled to Alaska, The Bahamas, and all over remote areas of the West in search of fish. The best part about flyfishing to me is just going to new places, seeing new landscapes, feeling completely alone, and chasing after a fish in the simplest yet, hardest way to do so, with a long rod, and a few feathers tied to a hook.Life to me is about the endless pursuit of knowledge and experiences; and because of flyfishing I really think that I will never begin to know everything, or see everything that I want to.


And to top all that off, I won the life lottery once again in my ” real job.”  I work for a content marketing company called become co. We specialize in action sports marketing and production. We are behind projects like the Red Bull Tyler Fernengal Silverdome video, the very recent Red Bull Levi Levallee St. Paul Snowmobile edit, as well as a few large contest series and other projects. This job allows me to evovle my roots in action sports as well as continue to travel, using my creativity to appeal to the masses through an industry that I love.


Outside of all of that, I’m an artist. I went to college while riding bmx bikes for a living and obtained an BFA in drawing from Arizona State University. I have always loved making things, painting, drawing, etc. so any chance I have, when I’m not on the river, riding my moto/bmx bike, or engulfed in a work project, you can find me doing some sort of art- its perfect for these long grey rainy winters that are new to me here in Portland.