New RP Athletics Skate Video // Fall 2015

Richer Poorer Fall/Winter 2015 Athletics from Richer Poorer on Vimeo.

Skateboarding is all about exploring new and unique spots. So for our Fall/Winter RP Athletics Club Lookbook, Taylor Caruso, Christian Maalouf, Daniel Shimizu, and myself headed over to scenic San Pedro to visit good friend and skateboard legend Cooper Wilt. Cooper always has unique spots, and we knew Pedro would be a great backdrop for shooting our RP products.
We started the day off warming up at the California Skateparks designed Peck Park which opened last Summer, and man…it’s a doozy! The entire park is basically one downhill bowl…it’s full on! I’m sure the Channel Street park (a San Pedro DIY park) locals destroy it. Separate from the snake run there is a small tight bowl there that was designed by Lance Mountain to model an actual backyard pool. That thing was really fun and challenging, by far our favorite feature in the park. Good times Peck!
Next we hit Pedro’s foundation spot, the cool looking spot with all the colorful graffiti. It’s a photographer/filmers wet dream, tons of visual eye candy. We ran into about 4 different groups of skaters there in the span of two hours, its a hot spot so hit it before it’s gone. Lots of options there on obstacles there, and Daniel, Maalouf and Taylor killed this session. Daniel even took a spill on his hand that had us using his one of his RP socks as a tourniquet and kept ripping. You rule Shimizu!
Afterward we grab some fresh seafood down at the San Pedro Fish Market. I’d recommend the huge sizzling pile of shrimp you see in the video. The fish and chips are on point too, the market is legit! They even let Taylor manhandle the worlds largest fish. And right across the road were yes, my favorite, some killer double sided slappy curbs.
By now the sun had started coming down on what had been an epic day of skating and sights, so we headed to the Korean Bell of Friendship for a scenic dusk session overlooking the ocean. The bell itself was cast in 771 AD, and donated to the people of Los Angeles by North Korea in 1976. I’ve always wanted to check it out. Epic view of the ocean, and solid skate spot there too!
Good times Boys! Many thanks to Cooper Wilt for making us feel right at home, Pedro rips!
All and all it’s really been amazing to watch the RP Athletics Club grow…our crew is solid! And growing, more on that very soon…
Until next time!
– Chris Pastras
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 028
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 029
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 030
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 031
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 032
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 033
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 034
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 035
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 036
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 038
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 039
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 040
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 041
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 042
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 043
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 044
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 045
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 046
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 047
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 048
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 049
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 050
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 051
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 052
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 053
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 054
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 055
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 056
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 057
RP_AW15_Skate_Selects_Bollare 058


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