Nine (Easy) Ways to Disconnect & Unplug

Nine (Easy) Ways to Disconnect & Unplug

Posted by Carlee Benito on


Not asking you to throw your iPad into a margarita or anything, just providing some basic suggestions for cutting the cord (for a short period of time!) on your favorite electronic devices. Most of these things require an hour or less.


  1. Read something not on a screen. A magazine, nature, your partner’s facial expressions. Original content in real life is pretty sweet.

  2. Hike. Fresh air and a good sweat will make you feel like the best version of yourself both mentally and physically.

  3. Take the best nap ever. Pull your blankets and pillows to the couch for maximum coziness. Bonus points for throwing on a pair of RP socks!

  4. Invite an old friend/cousin/neighbor over whiskey/wine/tea. Spending time with your MVPs will remind you who you are better than scrolling through your Facebook feed.

  5. Put on a record and actually listen to the lyrics.

  6. Go outside and explore your neighborhood. Find cool houses or interesting street art you didn’t know existed. Resist the urge to take an Insta.

  7. Ride your bike instead of driving somewhere. It is incredible what you miss when streets blur past you in a car.

  8. Break out the chess board / playing cards / puzzles. Games existed before Candy Crush, right?

  9. Create something (without the help of a YouTube video). Paint, build, cook or whatever your passion may be. Get your hands dirty.


Personally, I feel a little lighter just putting these down on paper. I can’t imagine how great I will feel when I reboot and try them out.

Need an extra kick in the butt to disconnect? Spend one day keeping tally of how many times you look at your phone. It is slightly horrifying.