One Day in Nashville

One Day in Nashville

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There’s something just truly American about jumping in an old Ford and taking a road trip through the Deep South while listening to Merle Haggard. That’s basically what I did… except I was in a rented Prius listening to podcasts and my road trip consisted of driving from Atlanta to Nashville for the day.

Driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains and crossing the border of Tennessee as endless green walls of trees rushed by the window- occasionally giving way to a field with a perfectly placed red barn, a pond, or (one of the many) Wal-Mart sized firework stands.

Once in the city I checked out some of the best retail in Nashville (shop spotlights to come soon), ate some amazing food including one too many portions of banana pudding and Nashville’s signature Hot Chicken.

To wrap up the day I spent a little time in studio with Richer Poorer’s very own Patrick Carney as he dialed in a track for The Whigs- a band he is producing for. We sat outside on the stoop listening to the crickets cut through the humidity and chatted about life in Nashville, music, and sports.

Enjoy these few images from my trek and be on the lookout with more to come…





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