Podcasts To Entertain You While You Clean Out Your Closet

Most people may think that Netflix is the future but I am here to declare my undying love for streaming public radio via podcast app on my iphone. I am able to find specialize content and curate a well rounded mix of programming based on my interest. ANNNNND it is a great way to make an hour fly by if you are doing something undesirable like cleaning out your closet as a part of our REBOOT. I suggest checking out one of the following:

  1. This American Life: This is the best starter podcast to recommend to people who aren’t totally addicted to streaming public radio. This American Life is great for so many reasons including its diverse and relatable subject matter, its segmented format and most importantly its host, Ira Glass. This is going to sound insanely cheesy but he makes me laugh, cry and think… sometimes all in the same episode.
  2. The Splendid Table: Hosted by Lynne Rosetto Kasper, The Splendid Table is a show about ‘life’s appetites’. Foodie and non-foodie people alike can appreciate this journey of the senses, which ranges from popculter-y interviews with the food stylist from Downton Abbey or vinaigrette making with Issac Mizrahi to history lessons from foreign goat farmers. The sense of love and passion that the host has for the subject matter makes this podcast possibly my favorite one of all. I listen to this on my sometimes very long commute and the drive goes by in a flash. Bonus: Her voice is strangely soothing.
  3. Dinner Party Download: First off, I am enamoured by the this podcast because I think the concept of it is so damn clever. A humourous hour worth of interesting culture, food and conversation so you have things to talk about at your next dinner party ( or really anytime you have to make small talk IRL). Their guest list spans from A-list hollywood royalty to the most obscure musicians flying deep under your radar. This program never ever disappoints me.
  4. Freakonomics: Based off the wildly successful books, authors Steven and Stephen explore “the hidden side of everything,”  telling stories about cheating schoolteachers and eating champions while teaching us to think a bit more creatively, rationally and productively. I usually find myself a mixture of surprised and enlightened after listening in.
  5. 99% Invisible: Roman Mars curates snappy design/architecture segments that are far from the mainstream. He covers people, places and phenomena that make a subtle but important impact on the design zeitgeist. From the disappearing art of sign painting to public stairways in Los Angeles, each show is short but rewarding.


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