Products of my Procrastination: Graduation

Products of my Procrastination: Graduation

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Guys and Gals,

I just spent 12 dollars on breakfast at McDonalds. You see, I’ve been feeling very indulgent lately because YOUR BOY GRADUATED COLLEGE THIS WEEK. That’s right, people; the kid who gets paid to skip physiology class and write about fashion received a freaking diploma. I’m shocked almost as much as my classmates are.

I can’t lie. I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, which I know is super off-brand for me. But hey, I’m trying to sort of prepare for the real world. According to my lovely Mother, my anti-academic, procrastination-inspired prose lost all of its charm (not sure there was any to begin with) the moment I slid my tassel towards the left side of my graduation cap. And as much as I’d like to disagree with her, the death of four-pins has rendered me unable to provide a substantive retort. RIP.


(wearing the troubadour in a parking garage b/c my grad pics were way lame)

The last 12 months have been so effing cool. I moved in with my favorite sock company then school got in the way, so we went long-distance where—for the last 8 months—I got paid to skip class to write about hangovers, miso dressing, and dressing abnormally fresh in the library. Now I’m a college graduate and RP is graduating into the realm of innerwear. WOO, I’m so proud of us!

However, there is one caveat hindering my use of caps lock on the entire previous sentence. RP is graduating into something concrete, something for the future. Me? I’m graduating into the daunting abyss of uncertainty aka The Real World (capitalization def necessary). So what’s next for Jake, The Intern? Well, let me tell you…in two weeks time. CLIFF HANGER.

IMG_7446Nevertheless, I do feel it is time to bring Products Of My Procrastination to a close. The idea for this column was born on the 4th floor of the library in the middle of an epic physics cram sesh during winter quarter 2013.This was two years before I stepped inside Richer Poorer HQ. So the fact that my ridiculous idea that I figured would sit idle on the interwebs for eternity turned into something my parents and a handful of friends read bi-monthly is pretty damn cool.

Fashion has always been a part of my life and I’ve always thought about working in the fashion industry, but I never thought I could or would actually pursue it seriously. That all changed when Iva (RP founder/CEO/second coolest mom I know) responded to my admittedly fangirl-esque email and gave me an internship based off a 5-minute phone call I took in between classes. To quote my ultimate literary inspiration, the incomparable, formerly-of-four-pins, Jon Moy, “It still feels like I got let in through the side door”.

Yes, I know Mr. Moy gets paid to write about getting drunk at New York Fashion Week and I’m about to move back in with the parents for a hot second, so maybe I’m still waiting at the side door to slip the bouncer a Jackson (a Benjamin is still a bit rich for my blood). But hey, at least I can say that Jackson was earned with the words I post here.IMG_7406

Ok. I think it’s about time I wrap this up. Thank you (all 12 of you) for tolerating my incessant use of abbreviations, my questionable punctuation, and my bromance with the Public School guys. I promise I will be back soon and I promise it will be dope.

See you in two weeks time.

Much Love,

Jake, The Intern