Products of my Procrastination: Holiday Wish List

Products of my Procrastination: Holiday Wish List

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Hey Blog Friends,

I’m back and I just found out that ‘wish list’ is two words. Finals are over and I have already learned more by sitting at my computer for 30 seconds writing for y’all than I learned during all of finals week. I probably would’ve learned something if I studied. Whatever. I digress.

So I’m sure you all are v curious about what is on a college student/ sock blogger/ fashion nerd’s holiday wish list. You notice how I’m saying holiday instead of Christmas? I’m so pc. Well this may come as a shock to you, but there are no clothes on my list this year. In the past my notoriously overzealous wish list was littered with designer rags and probably some superfluous tech product. This year, I’m looking at the season of giving through an entirely new lens. Since I spend the other 11 months of the year spending my blog money on clothing my roommates usually make fun of I’m asking the guy in the red suit for all of the essentials I skimp on in order to purchase Common Projects from the back of political science lecture.

I promise I have been moderately nice this year.

pine-nutsPine Nuts: Every time I’m at Costco I start salivating at the bulk bag of pine nuts. They are so versatile, but so effing expensive—especially, when your cart at Très Bien is brimming with sartorial goodies.

22596_XXX_v1-1Cholula: You already know this is an essential for me. And since my roommate decided to kill our last bottle on a weak attempt at an omelet I’m in dire need of a new Costco two-pack.

81hRsNuDnlL._SL1500_Miso Dressing- I think this post is turning into a Costco wish list. Well, it’s not my fault my local Costco is b-level and doesn’t carry my favorite Asian-inspired sauce in large quantities. I seriously hope my Mom reads this post/ is planning a pre-Christmas Costco trip.

how_to_get_gasoline_smell_out_of_clothesGas- Your boy drives a diesel so I know I shouldn’t complain too much, but I’m really hoping for a parent-funded trip to the chevron to get me back to school pro-bono.

5222-0073RNew Taillight- I’ve been rocking a non-functional taillight for a little bit now and I think the holidays are the perfect time for my parents to do something about it. Damn, that sounded bad. I promise I’m a good son.

Happy Holidays.

Talk Soon,

Jake, The Intern