Products of my Procrastination: Midterm Music

Products of my Procrastination: Midterm Music

Posted by Carlee Benito on


Guys and Girls,

Remember how I said I wouldn’t be in the library until midterms? Well, I lied. Midterms have arrived all too quickly and my brain is not ready to breach the doors of that god forsaken place just yet. So here I am, at my desk, procrastinating. Prior to the naissance of Jake, The Intern, I would’ve spent the next hour or three surfing the web for something sartorial to distract my mind from the monotony of math and science. Now that I’m a professional, financially-compensated procrastinator I feel it is my duty to keep the rest of you lot focused and on-task. So, here’s a playlist that I will be bumping once I decide to stop rambling and start being a college student again. Best served with an unhealthy dose of caffeine. Enjoy.

Talk Soon,

Jake, The Intern