Products of my Procrastination: MY REBOOT

Products of my Procrastination: MY REBOOT

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Guys and Gals,

Well, it’s a week into the New Year which probably means you are currently seeking ways to silently escape your overzealous resolution(s). Let’s be honest, people; resolutions are really dumb. I definitely have a word in my literary arsenal better suited for that previous statement than ‘dumb’, but I wanted to display my disdain for resolutions with an intellectually proportional adjective. So yes, as far as I’m concerned resolutions are DUMB. Now that doesn’t mean I think a little period of reflection—albeit a bit arbitrary—is all bad. So instead of validating my inadequacies in 2015 with some absurd goals, I’ve crafted a couple ideas to help guide my moves in 2016. This is my REBOOT.


Wear color above my ankles– This is a big one for me. Over the last year or two the little color I possess in my wardrobe has migrated exclusively to my feet (and ankles, thanks to RP). So in 2016 I am looking to integrate a little color above my ankles. Unfortunately, I have been told that heather grey will not count.


Read Something Not On A Screen– This could be a magazine or a novel or an effing newspaper. I mean a textbook would probably count, but then I remembered I’m allergic to those. Magazine it is then.

Us-passportUse My Passport– I was strictly domestic in 2015, which I’m really not down with. Whether it’s a month-long trek to Europe or a long weekend bender in Mexico matters not. All I ask for is some worldly exploration and a dope new stamp in my passport. I hate when customs doesn’t give a stamp. Like, why else do I even travel?

Happy New Year.

Talk Soon,

Jake, The Intern