Products Of My Procrastination: S/S ’16 Faves for Men

Products Of My Procrastination: S/S ’16 Faves for Men

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Hey Blog Fam,

I’m reporting to you live from the third floor of the library. Despite the windy conditions, I have decided to sit on the little terrace outside because it’s much too hot inside to wear my favorite Acne coaches jacket. I could care less if my notes (read: piece of paper with the course title on top of it) are blowing off of my table. As long as I’m looking fresh and my classmates are working diligently on that google doc I’m free to wax poetic on my five favorite men’s socks from S/S ’16. I can’t lie, I spent way too much time thinking about this list.


MSC-THEO01-mnqn-3300x3300-HiResSome would say striped socks are boring. I would say striped socks are timeless. They are the gateway drug to a serious sock addiction. And there is nothing wrong with that. Ps, the black and brown pair is the move.



If I had to wear one RP style for a year it would be the Troubadour. The lack of pattern lets the colors and texture to do the talking. Try and think of an outfit that wouldn’t look good with a pair of these. I dare you.



Spoiler alert, I’m about to contradict myself. Sometimes subtlety is overrated. Sometimes your ankles need to scream. In the case of the Isla, they are screaming for a fruity frozen beverage with an ocean view. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, ever.


MSC-TYRL01-mnqn-3300x3300-HiResYou really need to see these in person to truly grasp how sick they are. They have a little raised texture going on, which I’m sure is cause by a production technique that would take me way too long to comprehend. Regardless, they are dope.



Stripes again, Jake?! Yes, fools, I chose another striped sock. I’m big fan of the proportions on the London. Also, this orange and maroon pair is my favorite color combo of the season.

Check back towards to the end of the month to see me rocking some of my favorite S/S ’16 socks during spring break. No, I’m not going to Cabo.

Talk Soon,

Jake, The Intern