Products of my Procrastination: S/S ’16 Faves for Women

Guys and GIRLS,

No my caps lock was not on accidentally. This one is for all of my loyal female readers aka my mom, my aunt, and from what i’ve heard from ALL my connects at Vogue, Anna Wintour. Apparently homegirl really digs my words.

I considered gathering some advice from my favorite female fashionistas for this post, but then I remembered that they usually ask ME for style advice so I figured they wouldn’t be of much assistance. I’m also trying to avoid an awkward double text with one of them. Being good at getting dressed is literally the bullseye on the friend zone dart board.

Ok. Two sentence vent sesh over. I’m here to showcase my 5 favorite styles from the S/S ’16 women’s collection. Enjoy.

Helena– wsc-hlna03-mnqn-3300x3300-HiRes

I’m all about the length (height?) of these. I can only imagine the disappointment of your hari low’s not peeking out enough above your new hi top sneaks or your just-above-the-ankle booties. My girl Helena solves that problem for you.


wmc-blxn01-mnqn-3300x3300-HiResThese are dope. Do girls say ‘dope’ to describe socks? Who cares. These are really dope.




Damn these are cute. I don’t say cute very often, but these are effing cute.


Hari Crew– wsc-hari04-mnqn-3300x3300-HiResA personal favorite of mine from A/W ’15 is back with some next-level colorways. The black and white?? Such a no brainer



I’m 98% sure I would butcher the pronunciation of ‘marjane’ so good thing I operate via the written word. But seriously, I’m really into the maroon pair.


On second thought, maybe this post is a good excuse to double-text my stylish ‘friend’–even though I will probably disregard any critiques she has.

Wish me luck.

Talk Soon,

Jake, The Intern


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