Products of my Procrastination: Spring Break Edition

Products of my Procrastination: Spring Break Edition

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Guys and Gals,

It’s 9am and I’m currently seated at my kitchen table eating a bowl of rice. Seriously—just rice. My fridge is bare AF because I just got back from spring break. I think we have soy sauce, but I couldn’t find it. Ugh.

Today is my last first day of school EVER. I should be really pumped, but I got back from Vegas last night at midnight and I’m paying the price for a very gluttonous, very dope spring break. No, I didn’t go to Cabo. Wanna hear about it? Of course you do.

Manhattan Beach, CAIMG_5743

(Friends drinking on a balcony)

Our spring break squad has been going strong for 3 years in a row. And for 3 years in a row —regardless of our other destinations—we have made a stop in Manhattan Beach. This may sound a bit random until I tell you that one of our best friends lives in the dopest effing house with a balcony tailor-made for mimosa consumption. Our friend also loves to cook AND CLEAN. So yeah, we basically got drunk, got fed, and basked in the sun for a solid 48. There was also some roller blading along the beach, some bar hopping, and an early (emphasis on the early) meeting on Abbot Kinney with Allie, The Marketing Girl. Unfortunately we were both too hungover to obtain any photo evidence. Much love to RP for the gratis artisanal iced coffee, though.


Zion National Park, Utah


(My feet ft. S/S ’16 athletics and an above average canyon.)

After overstaying our welcome in Manhattan Beach, we hopped in the cars and made our way to Utah. Yes, Utah. Utah is surprisingly sick. They’ve got Chick-fil-A, acceptable booze prices, and some seriously breathtaking views. We spent the next three days in airplane mode. We avoided paved trails, sunscreen-soaked, bucket-hat-clad families and all Snapchat stories from Cabo in search of the most untouched areas of Zion. And our efforts yielded the most incredible views and some of the quietest moments of my life, which is shocking if you know the rambunctious crew I call my friends. Maybe everyone was staring off into the abyss contemplating the meaning of life–at least I’d like to think that we were. But more realistically we were all mentally preparing ourselves for our imminent trip to Vegas.


Las Vegas, Nevada

IMG_8068(1 of 3 photos on my phone from Vegas. This was the least repulsive. Excuse my friends, they’re new to the whole taking pictures thing. )

After displaying our leisure abilities in Manhattan Beach and our Chris McCandless tendencies in Zion, it was time to see how well college had prepared us for the biggest, most perpetual party in the world, Vegas. We arrived a little tuckered out from being so outdoorsy the previous 3 days, but that didn’t stop us from betting the minimum on blackjack for the next hour or two and taking full advantage of the whole free drinks while you lose money thing. The next 36 hours was much of the same with a giant pool party and $700 bottle of vodka thrown in for good measure. I’d love to say the giant dent in my bank account was worth it, but my liver and my 36 hour-long headache would probably beg to differ.

That being said I can’t wait until next spring break. Oh wait I don’t have one. Damn, that’s sad. Maybe I should fail some classes this quarter.

Talk Soon,

Jake, The Intern


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