Products Of My Procrastination: Thanksgiving Dinner

Hey Guys,

This whole getting paid to do what I usually do to procrastinate is taking a serious toll on my academic performance. Sometime in the next 12 hours I need to produce 1500 words on whether or not the poorest nations in the world are condemned to perpetual poverty by the current world economic system. But you know what, Professor Barclay? (Dude isn’t even a doctor. Weak.) As much as I want to empathize with Sub-Saharan Africa right now, I’m very occupied with something much more delicious. Yes, I’m talking about the best holiday in the game, Thanksgiving. You might be thinking your socks will go unnoticed underneath the table. To that I possess no witty rebuttal. But how about when you want to impress the in-laws with some chivalrous dish washing?! You know a strong sock game will make the difference between your girl’s old man criticizing your sub-par scrubbing and him asking you to go outside and have a beer with him. Here are some sock pairings you should rock when you’re sipping a cold one with the father in-law while your girl rewashes your dishes.


Herald- Purple

IMG_1223Wayfarer Boot Sock- Oatmeal Multi

Stargazer- Blue

Happy Eating!


Jake, The Intern


p.s. THIS is what you should be wearing the day after Thanksgiving.


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