Richer Poorer Launches Athletics


Good things are happening here at Richer Poorer, and for me it’s a bit of a homecoming. Today we are launching our Athletics collection. I’ve been championing a push into a technical product for some time now, and with the convergence of fashion and street wear, the opportunity for us to imprint our brand values and designs on a new market couldn’t be more timely.

From a personal perspective, this is right where I always wanted our brand to eventually go. Growing up in Laguna Beach, my formative years were spent either riding waves or skating the many hills and underground parking garages in town. That lifestyle is a right of passage for many, and Laguna has been ground zero for some of the most influential action sports / street wear brands the industry has seen. Companies such as Gotcha, Quiksilver, Volcom, Electric and LRG either originated from the town, or their figureheads lived here. Laguna also has a core surf shop culture that reigns supreme. Driven predominately by Eric John at Laguna Surf and Sport, the younger generation is embraced into an environment that fosters respect and humility, still to this day.


It was my time spent working at the surf shop, then for Gotcha under the tutelage of Dave Gilovich, who’s now head of Surfline, that I became really intrigued with the apparel industry. I was certain this would be my path after college, but as life has a way of doing so, I was redirected. I ended up spending the next 15 years navigating my way through the tech world of Silicon Valley. While it was an extremely exciting time to be in that space, I always felt the draw to ultimately end up back here, but on my own terms.

Fast-forward to 2010 and I embarked on a journey to build my own lifestyle brand that would cross different markets and eventually speak to an industry I had always been so passionate about. We spent the last three years establishing Richer Poorer in the men’s and women’s contemporary market with great success. Our vision for the brand all along has been to take our design aesthetic into markets that we can provide a positive contribution to, and ones that will appreciate our point of view.

One of the reoccuring themes we’ve been hearing from our customers was the need for a more durable sock to skate or sweat in. The product we’ve created is incredible. We spent countless hours on R&D to find the perfect blend made of COOLMAX, with an indestructible construction of a padded foot bed, compression arch support and a reinforced toe seem. This Athletics collection is of the best in class. But we’ll let you be the judge of that. Shop Collection




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