Richer Poorer x Freenote Cloth Collaboration

The Richer Poorer x Freenote bond transcends friendship and an affinity for good whiskey. Brothers and Freenote Founders, Matt & Andrew Brodrick, fostered a relationship with Richer Poorer co-founder, Tim Morse over surf breaks at lunch, after work beers and long conversations about their shared entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creating quality product with an attention to detail.

Both brands are headquartered a few miles apart in the historied town of San Juan Capistrano. The heritage and influence that surrounds this sleepy Southern California gem, has inspired the deeply rooted cultures of Richer Poorer and Freenote, a commitment to hard work and the honest hustle.

The Richer Poorer X Freenote limited wool boot sock is knit with the highest quality yarns and care, in a family-owned factory in the great state of North Carolina. The limited run two-pack is available in navy and cream with denim inspired contrasts. The packaging is produced from 11 oz double weave selvedge denim scraps left over from Freenote’s latest production run and no two are exactly alike.

Sold exclusively during this Holiday 2015 season at select retailers and online at


Music by: Patrick Carney






















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