Richer Poorer × PF Flyers

Richer Poorer × PF Flyers

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First produced in the 1930’s, PF Flyers has a rich history that is undeniably a part of our country’s sports and pop culture. The brand rose in popularity during the 50’s and 60’s due to the likes of NBA legend Bob Cousy and was the star of the cult-classic movie “The Sandlot” in the early 90’s which made us believe that they could make any kid “run faster and jump higher.” The shoes were even standard issue for the US Army at one point. Even with the deep heritage that PF can lean upon; the brand is the anti-thesis of our current measurement of the flashy “League MVP” by today’s standards of professional sports analogies. We like to think of PF Flyers as the highly-regarded Hall of Famer that put in the work and made things happen day in and day out.


Richer Poorer is excited to have the privilege of collaborating with PF Flyers on this capsule collection of Made in USA socks. The design and color ways of the socks create a connection point with the updated “Perkins” shoe model that PF is re-introducing. The atomic crosshatch motif plays on the pattern that is on the inside of the shoe. It merges a midcentury aesthetic while keeping the look modern and classic. You can reach into your sock drawer a few years down the road, pull these out and they’ll still be great conversation starters.

The connection between the two companies began around January of this year when our US Sales Manager, Vince Marjes, introduced Tim Morse (RP’s Co-Founder/CEO) to his friend, Alyasha Owerka-Moore (PF Flyers Brand Ambassador/iconic designer/collector) during a quick trip down to San Diego. As the RP team pulled up to a parking spot in front of the boutique ‘5 & A Dime’, Alyasha was having a conversation in front of the store on the busy sidewalk. The intros were made, high-fives and handshakes were given…and the rest is history.

The Perkins and the Richer Poorer x PF Flyers sock pack will be available for purchase on 7/28 at

Photos by Brooks Sterling.






Shirt: Rogue Territory
Pants: THVM
Backpack: Bradley Mountain
Wallet: Union Leatherworks
Courtesy of Lone Flag

Location: Moniker Warehouse