Richer Poorer × Poketo

Richer Poorer × Poketo

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We have been working with Poketo since Richer Poorer started. We appreciate their scrappy do-it yourself attitude when it comes to in-store merch and overall get shit done attitude. They align well with our design core audience and Angie and Ted, the owners, are just about the coolest people you can know in LA. It seemed only natural for our two-LA based brands to get together and created some unique socks!

Design inspiration came from both companies love for geometric shapes. These simple shapes are key to the pattern design process for socks and provide a base for all product design done here at Richer Poorer. Since Poketo’s logo is so playful and geometric it was great to pull it apart and see what it could become. Some particularly prominent design features include: the juxtaposition of grid and color, the abstraction of the logo elements through zooming in and zooming out, and a general focus on playful structure.

Additionally, one of the elements we are specifically excited about is that it is U-N-I-S-E-X-Y. It’s pretty cool that they could be styled to appeal to lady art nerds or dude streetwear heads alike.

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We shot the lifestyle pictures from the second floor of the RP Office at around 25 ft. We had our Intern Nic cut the shapes out of foam core and spray paint them the Poketo colors. There is absolutely no photshopping in this picture whatsover! Again we were able to re-interprete the shapes of the Poketo brand and bring them into real life which has been the driving force behind this entire capsule.




A super special product deserves a fancy fete, right? We enlisted mixologist extraordinaire Pharmacie LA to create cocktails that are as carefully curated as the socks themselves. And we don’t want peeps drinking an empty stomach so we tapped Poketo Arts District neighbors Pie Hole to whip up some sweet and savory treats for our guests. Fun Fact: they workshopped mini savory pies for the first time specially for our event.

Wanna come? Click over to the Poketo Facebook page for more info.