Richer Poorer × The Black Keys

Richer Poorer × The Black Keys

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Nothing can replace the feeling that comes from experiencing the live music of your favorite band. The lights, sounds, smells and vibrations are what make for a lasting memory. While we can’t live these experiences everyday, we do have ways to remind us of the bands we love. Posters, t-shirts, and vinyl have been mainstays of band merchandise for years without much innovation. Richer Poorer and The Black Keys have reworked the expected, to give the devotees a memento that’s just a bit different to show off their fandom.

Creating a sock with The Black Keys is something we were really excited to work on. When Patrick Carney, famed drummer of the rock star duo, became involved in Richer Poorer a few years ago, we spent time discussing the world of concert merchandise and where we saw opportunity for Richer Poorer to offer a fresh perspective.

At a time when bands and musicians get little revenue from the selling of their actual music, they rely heavily on touring and merchandise sales to not only generate income, but to build the the Black Keys name.

Fashion and music run parallel lives. Rhythms and beats are the audible version of the colors and patterns we create for the eye to see. And when you find the perfect song, the perfect sock, you know it.

Using our socks as a blank canvas, we worked with Michael Carney, artist-in-residence for all creative things for The Black Keys, to reinterpret the Turn Blue album cover art and craft the design. A variegated stripe that creates an optical illusion of a color gradient was the result. Perfectly balanced.

At Richer Poorer, we believe that humble beginnings make for great stories. So much so that we have it painted on our conference room wall. There is no more humble beginning than that of the The Black Keys. Two kids from Akron, Ohio hitting the road to share their music with small audiences for nearly a decade, fueled by the belief in themselves and their creation.

Where can you buy? Only at The Black Keys shows. Or, enter our Concert Kit Giveaway.

The Black Keys are on tour now so catch them where you can. We will be there, with lighters in the air (and socks on our feet).