Richer Poorer × The Hundreds

Richer Poorer × The Hundreds

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Collaborations have become a common thing in the fashion space. We at Richer Poorer get approached to do them often and most times say “no”. We’re a small team and have to stay focused. Knowing when to say “yes” is as important.

We were introduced to The Hundreds last summer by the head honcho of the Agenda tradeshow, Aaron Levant. Aaron is about as sharp as they come, with wicked knowledge about this market well beyond his years, from street wear to designer, he knows all. Simply put, he talks you listen.

We sat down with The Hundreds team at their new offices in Vernon last August to see if a collaboration made sense for both brands. They’re a street wear brand and we’re a fashion brand, but we saw it as an opportunity to bridge the two markets that were already starting to collide.

The founders of The Hundreds are two cool dudes, Ben and Bobby. They started their brand because they thought there was something missing in street wear, and wanted to provide just that something. They were barely out of college when they set off on their way, but have stayed true to themselves, to their brand, and to their loyal following. In the 10+ years since, they created not only a booming business, but one of the loudest and most intelligent voices in the market. Their opinions transcend street wear, and inspire throngs of youth and adults alike that follow them on their journey.

We kept the collab simple but strong, our great Richer Poorer products in The Hundreds famed Polkabomb print. Three socks, one pair of undies.

There is no better part of what we do than the friendships we build along the way. We love these guys, their team, their brand, and are excited to be launching today. The Hundreds IS Huge. Now you know. Shop Collection

Iva Pawling, Co-Founder


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