Right Now: 01

Right Now: 01

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As graduation day inches closer and closer to reality, it has been significantly easier to avoid all responsibilities. For example, some of my favorite anti-school past times are tanning my sad pale legs, spending an absurd amount of money at coffee shops, and visiting Dairy Queen every other night. So with my focus shifted from school, I have had a lot of time to find some new favorite things:


  1. Ringer Tees

Think 70’s summer camp counselor. For me, I am all about comfort clothes in the summer– pieces I could lounge at the pool in, run errands in and go out with friends in. The ringer tee is an adorable timeless vintage piece that you can pair with your favorite pair of denim shorts or with a cute high waisted skirt. There are so many different color/pattern combos out there but I am all about the classic plain white with red accent, you just can’t go wrong with it.  


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  1. Scarves with Top Knots

I am loving this trend right now. It is such an easy, classic, fun look. I am now on the hunt of some adorable silk scarves at my local thrift stores. Stay tuned.




  1. Studio Spaces

Ok so this has been on my mind for pretty long time. With graduation and a big girl job in the future, it is so fun to think about what my dream studio space would look like; a place where I can be creative. I would want a ton of windows and lots of brick and lots of tiny little potted flowers. And a puppy to hang out with. Basically, if I could combine Le Petite Studio with Herz & Blut’s studio, I would be a happy girl.

Follow my studio space Pinterest board for more of my crazy creative vision and follow some of my favorite inspirations: Darling, Home Polish, & The Citizenry.  


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  1. I Wanna Go-Summer Heart

My brother showed me this song and I can’t stop listening to it. It is one of those “this would be on my life soundtrack” kind of songs and probably play during the classic scene when you are driving down the highway with your squad during the summer. Admit it, you all have daydreamed about that moment before.

I may or may not be working on a little style post with ringer tees and top knot scarves, so check back in for some more inspired summer looks.

Until then, jam out to Summer Heart and enjoy the last few weeks of school.



Claire, the new girl.