Right Now: Part 02

Right Now: Part 02

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Hey I’m Claire (the new girl) and I’m here to cover all things fashion. Whether it’s the most classic of vintage pieces or the trendiest thing hot off the runway doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s fresh, you can find it here.


It’s mid summer which means two things: you have tried every summer cocktail on your fave restaurant’s menu (twice) and the summer trends are starting to feel stale.

Your closet is running thin out of outfits for those early evening drink dates and all that’s left are white denim shorts and a couple of basic tanks.

Believe me, I’m in the same boat.

In times like these, creative inspiration is imminent. Look around you, it’s everywhere. From the adorable peony bouquet you grabbed from Trader Joe’s to the new local coffee shop around the corner, inspiration is begging to be found. Recently, I have been hitting up some of my most dear fashion blogs to more recent finds that I have been loving.


  1. Julia Sariñana- SincerelyJules.com
    The queen of effortless fashion, Julia Sariñana has an eye for style that is natural and edgy. Her looks are casual and perfect for everyday life, but possess this touch of creativity that sets them above the rest. Usually these touches are a bold color or quirky accessory, both tasteful and chic. Not to mention her perfect tan that is total summer motivation.


  1. Bri Emery- Designlovefest.com

I am a veteran reader of Bri Emery’s design blog, DesignLoveFest, for a few years now and it has always been a trusty friend for inspiration. What I love about Bri is her creative eye that goes beyond fashion. Her blog doesn’t focus on one specific aspect, but rather anything that has been inspiring her or others. You never know what you are going to get, which makes visiting the blog that more exciting.


  1. Brianna Cope –@BriannaCope

Yes, that’s right, our own Brianna Cope. She may not be a styler blogger or icon, but she is one hell of a surfer with the coolest style. Brianna totally embodies all things beach babe: bikinis, dirty blonde hair, no makeup and oversized t-shirts. Who wouldn’t love lounging in a tee and some RP socks in the morning and spending all day at the beach? I know us Easterners would.


  1. Sandra Semburg- SandraSemburg.com

Stumbling onto Sandra Semburg’s blog has been one of my more exciting finds recently. The super cool aspect of this blog is that it doesn’t focus on Sandra’s style, but rather those around her. She photographs people on the streets who inspire her. Each post gallery is fresh, polished and genuine, chalk full of fashion inspiration. Sandra has an eye for elegance and simplicity with a twist of high fashion. The perfect combination for a summer closet rejuvenation.


Here’s to a summer feeling like it’s just getting started…again.


Xo the new girl