Rom Coms You’ll Actually Want to Watch this Valentines Day

Rom Coms You’ll Actually Want to Watch this Valentines Day

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Rom Coms get a bad rep because they are usually really bad (hello, *insert any recent romantic comedy here*), but they weren’t always that cringeworthy. I’m talking about the good stuff – the movies Nora Ephron created in the late 80s and mid 90s. You might know her most recently for the movie Julie and Julia or if your mom made you watch it, Sleepless in Seattle. But I want to talk about my two favorite Ephron movies: When Harry met Sally and You’ve Got Mail since without them there wouldn’t even be the rom com as we know it today.



When Harry Met Sally…
Arguably Nora’s masterpiece, When Harry Met Sally starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan centers around the question “can men and women ever just be friends?” We follow them as they search for love but fail again and again, but eventually become close friends. Their chemistry is sooo good on screen. The scenes where they talk about high-maintenance girlfriends (Sally thinks she is low-maintenance but Harry knows she is high-maintenance), the transitional person (you always have to date a transitional person, but they are never supposed to be the one) are so charming you’ll forget that Meg Ryan became a crazy cat lady. But the best and infamous scene is when they tackle the issue of if women can really fake orgasms  (the answer is – Yes. They can). In the end they sleep together and it fucks things up, literally, but watching them realize that they were meant to be together is the most love affirming thing ever.



You’ve Got Mail
Some might say Sleepless in Seattle is the ultimate Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie, but my heart belongs to You’ve Got Mail. There is some major AOL dialup nostalgia in this movie: the ubiquitous sign-in welcome, chat rooms, “cybering!” Tinder has nothing on the slow burn of waiting for an email. Besides, you can’t get more romantic than a movie about two people in a correspondence courtship who are unaware that they are also business rivals. Even Shakespeare couldn’t write a twist like that. Joe “NY152” Fox and Kathleen “Shopgirl” Kelly are David and Goliath: beloved small business and big corporate box. They hate, despise, loathe each other. but when Joe realizes that Kathleen is Shopgirl, he has to put all that aside since she might be the love of his life. After some tentative meetings, bitter words, and eventual friendship, Joe reveals himself as NY152 to Kathleen and she admits that she had wanted it to be him so badly all along. So did I Shopgirl! So did I…