RP x Manready: “Work Hard. Live Well”

RP x Manready: “Work Hard. Live Well”

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In mid-2012, Travis Weaver started Manready Mercantile by making products in his Houston apartment and went door-to-door selling them to retailers and flea markets. The small business was growing some local steam, but customers wanted to be able to purchase online. Overnight, he made a website and took pictures with his iPhone as this was all he had. Orders started coming in as he was doing all he could to grow the site by putting vintage finds and one-off items that he’d make on manready.com
The goal was to open a small retail shop with a production area in order to make his home livable again. Weaver spent a large part of what little he’d saved on a trip to NYC to try and pick up smaller brands at the Capsule trade show. He went to all the brands that he’d followed Instagram, hoping that a few makers would be willing to take a small PO so that he could grow the online store, thus raise more money for a brick and mortar. Looking back, the idea was a little far-fetched, but Richer Poorer saw the determination and passion behind the man and the vision. 
Ideas were bounced off Tim, the creator of Richer Poorer, and Travis and he talked as if they’d been working together for years and how they could get together after the opening and do some sort of project or “something.”  Their ideology just clicked and Manready Mercantile’s online shop picked up it’s first “real” manufacture and the small business had officially elevated from hobby status!
Our journey’s continued over the years and the relationship flourished. Folks say that great minds think alike and our partnership was destined to make greatness happen! 
We’re now proud to introduce the first ever, two pack sock from Richer Poorer in collaboration with Manready Mercantile. Decked out with a flag logo on each side, this black and grey combo set boast the famous Manready Mercantile trademark, Work Hard, Live Well! To both companies, these wise words mean something more than just words… It means getting up each day and making the most of it. It means, being honest, working with others, supporting small businesses, never giving up, and earning your keep….the list could go on forever.
We’re proud to offer you our story and the fruits of or labor through this special run of made in the USA wares. We know that when you wear em, you’ll walk a little taller and have a little strut in your step, because you too are working toward that American Dream, just like us. 
Pick up you own at 321 W 19th Street in Houston, or at www.manready.com. Thank you for your continued support and dedication toward small businesses. Work Hard, Live Well!

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