Saying goodbye is never easy but it sure is fun!

Saying goodbye is never easy but it sure is fun!

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“I’m heading off to Australia tomorrow for three weeks for the first leg of the world qualifying series and I’m really focused and ready. The things that always take some time to organize when you are getting on the road for a bit are packing my bags, boards and making sure everything I need at a moment’s notice are in my backpack. Oh and of course I can’t forget the passport. International travel never works without that!

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I have been at home for the last couple of months regrouping and getting ready for the season ahead. Home is where the heart is, is how the saying goes and that’s exactly where mine always is. Growing up on Kauai has taught me so many things. When I go on tour I just try to embrace the Aloha spirit and represent my home. I’ll be on the road for almost 3 weeks and I can’t wait to surf some new waves, hang with some old friends and meet some new ones and most importantly compete in the first two big events of the year. My emotions are high. I can’t tell if I’m excited or nervous?! I just can’t wait to be in the jersey and hear the horn blow, that’s when I know it’s game time. I put in the hard work and it’s a great way to test myself and push myself to achieve my goals. But for now it’s off to the airport because it’s a long way from home to get over there.

Lastly, no matter where I go I always bring my computer and download a bunch of movies and my favorite tv shows to pass the time on the road, in the airports and on flights. It’s a must to have plenty of DRAKE music ready to go and I always travel with a backpack full of snacks. I don’t eat airplane food no matter how long the flight is!!  I make sure I have my bluetooth KICKER AUDIO headphones to keep me in the zone and always travel in my RP athletic socks to make sure I’m comfortable and energized on the long journey. Last but not least I pack my film camera! I love snapping shots and having to wait to see and develop them when the trip is finished. It’s always important to look back and be thankful for the memories created.
The bags packed, the hard work I’ve been putting in is ready to be tested and I’m ready to go!


I’ll be checking in soon….



Brianna Cope



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