Shitty Beer Club #1

Shitty Beer Club #1

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Welcome the newest member of the RP Athletic Club to the blog Daniel Shimizu. He is currently on tour judging amateur skate contests and we thought it would be cool if he gave us a peek at life on the road. Naturally time away from home involves a lot of hard work, dirty socks and shitty beers at bars off the beaten path. Daniel will be reporting from the road with highlights. Get realtime updates by following Daniel on insta @dshimizu

I’ll be traveling the country for the next three months so naturally, that means I’m going to be visiting a lot of really crappy bars and drinking really crappy beer. Not all of the bars and beers on this list will be crappy. Some are really inviting and have a killer staff. Anyway, here are a few that I have visited so far:


My shitty choice of beer in Las Vegas was Hamm’s. I’m no stranger to this beer. When I lived in Portland I pretty much drank this stuff for 3 years straight. I can’t find it in LA. Anywhere. So whenever I see it in a bar or store i usually caress it against my face and whisper “I’ve missed you so much” before chugging the heck out of it.


The first bar I always go to in Vegas is The Griffin. There is one in LA as well in Eagle Rock. It’s got the same layout as well. Fireplace, brick, cheap beer, strong drinks. My buddy Sean Eaton manages it. You might remember him from his Birdhouse days. Except you probably wouldn’t recognize him now because he’s turned into a man since and has grown a bushy ass beard.

After the Griffin we headed across the street to play video games over at Insert Coins where I blew everybody’s minds with my Tetris skills.


We ended the night over at Hog’s and Hefer’s saloon where the bartenders wear skimpy outfits and are equipped with a megahorn. They pretty much just make fun of all the patron’s the whole time. People end up very annoyed by it after a few drinks.

Stay tuned for the next installment of shitty beer club and follow us @richerpoorer for other Athletics news.