Shitty Beer Club #2

Shitty Beer Club #2

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Daniel Shimizu is currently on tour judging amateur skate contests and we thought it would be cool if he gave us a peek at life on the road. Naturally time away from home involves a lot of hard work, dirty socks and junk beers at bars off the beaten path hence Shitty Beer Club was born. Daniel will be reporting from the road with highlights. Get realtime updates by following Daniel on insta @dshimizu

Our next stop on this tour was in New Mexico. Famous for it’s green chile and youngsters who look like train hopping squatters. I stopped in for a beer at a bar/pool hall called Anodyne. They serve a New Mexican beer called Happy Camper. It’s an IPA. I know nothing about IPA’s and don’t plan on learning anything about them either. Enjoying a beer that leaves your mouth more dry than before you had a sip is straight up backwards.


Anodyne is  fun. The ceilings are littered with hanging plant life and there are always patrons who bring their dogs. Dogs  are always welcome in bars in my opinion. They just make great drinking companions. I also believe that they enjoy playing poker with other dogs when humans aren’t around.

Anyway, the place is right in downtown and if you are lucky to find a table you will find that table tops are all casted in resin containing action figures and things.

Stay tuned for the next installment of shitty beer club and follow us @richerpoorer for other Athletics news.