Shitty Beer Club #3

Daniel Shimizu is currently on tour judging amateur skate contests and we thought it would be cool if he gave us a peek at life on the road. Naturally time away from home involves a lot of hard work, dirty socks and junk beers at bars off the beaten path hence Shitty Beer Club was born. Daniel will be reporting from the road with highlights. Get realtime updates by following Daniel on insta @dshimizu

When I first rolled into OKC I started texting a few of my local friends in town about where we could enjoy a cold beer. They kept directing me to two places. One is called The Pump and the other is called The Power House. The first thought that came to my mind after hearing the names of those bars was “You’re joking, right? Are you trying to get me to go to a gay bar? Thats cool but I didn’t bring my mesh half shirt”. My friends we’re like “Huh, those do sound like gay bars. Never thought of that. But no, really, let’s go because they fucking rule”.
 We Uber’d to the Power House on a dreadfully rainy night and despite the rain the bar was pleasantly crowded with Oklahoma’s finest looking hip people. The Stones and the Velvet Underground we’re playing and I think I had a Hamm’s. No Surprise there.
The Power House and the Pump were converted from an old power house of a building and the Pump was once a gas station. Hence the names. The Pump is really a unique establishment. They had plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, multiple corn hole sets and a DIY funky ass skate spot directly across the street. Perfect for when you want to get super hammered and skate cinder block ledge or some weird looking wedge/ledge that resembles a hot dog.
The last stop was a place I’ve been to a few times on past visits. Edna’s. They have a drink called a Lunch Box that tastes exactly like an Orange Creamsicle. Pretty delicious. Do not go on the weekend. Jock city. You’ve been warned. EDNA'S


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