Shitty Beer Club #5

Shitty Beer Club #5

Posted by Carlee Benito on

Daniel Shimizu is currently on tour judging amateur skate contests and we thought it would be cool if he gave us a peek at life on the road. Naturally time away from home involves a lot of hard work, dirty socks and junk beers at bars off the beaten path hence Shitty Beer Club was born. Daniel will be reporting from the road with highlights. Get realtime updates by following Daniel on insta @dshimizu

I’m just gonna skip Texas (sorry no Shitty Beer Club #4 guys!) on this bar tour and get straight into New Orleans. Whenever I’m in New Orleans I always have to stop at two places. The John and R bar.


The John might be the best name for a shitty bar in all of the states.  The prices are low, the bartender is low key and the decor is low brow. There seems to be a Galaga machine in every goddam bar these and the John is no exception. Also very common is the ping pong table. they have one of those too. But what makes this place truly special is the gold toilets that line one end of the bar room. Not the bathroom. The bar room. To sit on. While you drink beer and whiskey. Jesus H. Another gem of theirs is an arcade version of Corn hole. Too lazy to throw a small pouch filled with corn at a hole 20 feet away from you? Pop in a quarter and play virtually.


The R bar is a local hangout with pool tables and 2 dollar PBR’s. I think they had a deal for a shot of whisky and a beer of your choice for 4 dollars or something ridiculous. And you’re gonna need that deal to get blitzed enough to get a haircut a bar. Yep, you can get your ears lowered in a dark ass bar by someone who ,I’m assuming, is also drunk. Crawfish boil on Fridays too. Yum?